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Are We Living on the Razor’s Edge? , Focus on SUCCESSFUL ENTREPENUERS, Ignorance is Not Bliss, Employee Spotlight, International Shipping

The Translogistics EDGE Issue Number Sixteen Ignorance is NOT Bliss; It IS Costly

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

As TLI is searching for new clients, one of the most common responses is “I’ll send you some shipment info. Give me a quote on them and I’ll use you if your rate is lower.” It is hard to believe that the person their organization put in charge of the final step to “Wowing” their customer is in the hands of someone that uses one criteria-a cheap price. Or the person their organization put in charge of making sure their production and warehouse have all the supplies they need to meet demand uses one criteria- a cheap price.

Are We Living on the Razor’s Edge?

The DAT Trendline Chart revealed something about the U.S. domestic truck capacity situation that I’ve never seen in the past.

This chart reflects the week that Hurricane Matthew hit the U.S. off the coast of FL and into NC.

Notice the following:

  1. Spot loads were down and capacity increased-not a surprise
  2. The number of van loads decreased yet rates increased 3.7%
  3. The number of flatbed loads decreased yet rates increased 2.1%
  4. The number of reefer loads decreased yet rates increased .5%

The conclusion: In spite of us being in a high capacity period, one unexpected situation can send rates higher. It’s a blessing the hurricane didn’t cause even more damage than it did, but what will happen to rates if our winter is harder than expected with snow and ice? What happens if we’re hit with another natural disaster? Be sure you’re prepared now and if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Translogistics.

Scott McDevitt, President of Translogistics


Honoring all Who Served 


Translogistics is excited to announce that Scott McDevitt is a Successful Entrepreneur feature in the November 2016 issue of the Route 422 Business Advisor. Click here to read more!

Ignorance is Not Bliss…continued

This person is choosing to ignore other criteria that could have a devastating impact in cost and time on their organization. Some of those criteria are:

  1. How long does your carrier have to invoice you for a shipment? The Carmack says the carriers have 18 months.
    1. Did you know at least one LTL carrier’s tariff allow them to go back 6 years?
    2. How would you like to have a cheap rate quickly disappear when you are sent a balance due from a five-year-old shipment?
    3. How much money and time will you spend researching these invoices and proving they were paid?
    4. Does your current 3PL protect you?
    5. Is the product fully insured if the carrier damages it?
      1. LTL carriers’ liability is based on the class. Does the class of your product cover your costs of the product?
      2. Most “volume” shipments are insured at $1 a lb.
      3. It’ll take a lot of “cheap shipments” to make up for a small amount paid on a large claim.
      4. Does your current 3PL protect you?
    6. Does the carrier have:
      1. A positive history of on time pickups and deliveries?
        1. What is your cost for a missed pickup or late pickup with unhappy customers?
        2. What is your cost for paying overtime waiting for the carrier to arrive?
      2. Claim free shipments?
        1. How much time does it take you filling out a claim?
        2. How much time does it take you trying to get it paid relatively quickly?
        3. How many times does your current 3PL attempt to get a claim paid after the first denial?
      3. An acceptable safety record?
        1. How much money will it cost defending your organization in court due to a carrier having a horrible accident shipping your product?
        2. Will you be able to show them your due diligence in choosing that carrier based on safety and performance?
      4. Will your 3PL be able to protect you? Will they be there with you?
    7. Have you visited your 3PL’s office?
    8. Does your 3PL have processes in place so you know the amount quoted to you is the amount actually paid by your Finance Department?
      1. Do you know how often the freight bills are correct vs. wrong?
      2. How much time and money are you spending researching to be sure you are paying the quoted amount?

    The list can go on and on. The bottom line is looking through a key hole at one shipment with one low rate at a time leaves you very vulnerable to large unexpected time and expense.

    Email us to understand how we can help protect you from the unknown.



    Help us make the workplace awesome

    We’re still growing, and are aggressively looking for a full time Office Clerk. If you are neat, tidy, and have at least 2 years’ experience working in an office environment, please consider applying.

    Why Translogistics, Inc.? TLI offers great benefits, a sincere open door policy, and an awesome work culture. Email US for a job description and see if you’re a fit!


    On behalf of everyone at Translogistics, we want to say thank you to our veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

    Meet Kristen Witek

    Kristen is a Kutztown University graduate who started working at Translogistics at the end of 2014 as an Audit Compliance Specialist. Her typical day-to-day includes entering freight bills, auditing those bills, and then invoicing them at the end of each week. If any errors come up during those audits, she works with the carriers to fix the rates and/or accessorials.

    “My job is never the same. There is something new that comes up every day, and it keeps things interesting,” says Kristen. “I also love my coworkers. We are like family here at TLI.”

    Fast Facts:

    Married? Children? I have been married for 4 ½ years, and I have a pug, Cooper, and a Chihuahua-pug, Simon

    Favorite Band? My Chemical Romance

    Favorite Vacation Spot? Turks and Caicos

    What are 3 things most people wouldn’t know about you?

    1. I play in a dart league every Monday
    2. I’m a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Alabama Crimson Tide.
    3. My two favorite places are New York City and the Caribbean

    “Kristen is an employee who always comes to work with a smile on her face ready to help Translogistics meet our goals and objectives. She embraces our company culture and is a key member of the TLI team”


    In a continued effort to provide our customers with the highest level of service; we are excited to formally announce our ability to schedule international shipments. Over the past several months, we have built relationships with some of the best international carriers and freight forwarders and are pleased to share that relationship with you. As Translogistics takes this next step into fully managing all methods of freight movement, we invite you to take that step with us!

    The same attention and care you have come to expect on your domestic shipments will be applied to your international cargo as well. Our team will work tirelessly to provide competitive pricing, comprehensive visibility, and continuous updates throughout the entire process.

    Often times, this process can be time consuming and laborious. Here are just a few examples of how we provide a more streamlined international shipping experience:

    • Using a basic checklist of information, we can go to the forwarders and negotiate the best rate for your ocean or air shipment.
    • We can be the point of contact for not only you and the consignee, but also the broker, the forwarder, any inland freight arrangement, as well as customs. A central repository of information where all the pieces of the puzzle are brought together is crucial for streamlining the process. This prevents time loss as different parties struggle to get in touch with the proper contact with the right information.
    • Our strong connections with carriers all over the nation can help in negotiating the inland freight portion of international shipping, helping you save money as we transport your freight to and from sea and air ports.
    • Your international shipments will be loaded into our Viewpoint software, giving you the same visibility and accessibility that you currently enjoy with your domestic shipments.
    • Our around the clock availability means that requests from contacts across the globe are answered in a timely manner, and days won’t go by before questions are answered, or issues are resolved.
    • We are familiar with the documents used in exports, and can review your NAFTA, SLI, as well as your DGD for both air and ocean. (Please note that legally we cannot prepare these documents for you, but can only guide as you complete them.)

    Please feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you with your international shipping.

    What’s Happening Around the Office…

    “Energy put into worrying about others is energy not focused on improving yourself.”

    – Chase Jarvis


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