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Freight Business Journal NA

3PLs Use Data to Make Predictions

For years, third-party logistics companies have collected troves of data. Now they can put it to use.

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CIO Review

Freight Audit & Recovery: The Secret to a Smart Supply Chain

Carrier mistakes are challenging to identify and can be time consuming to deal with, but an LSP that provides freight audit and recovery services will do the grunt work of examining, adjusting and verifying freight bills for accuracy.

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Industrial Equipment News

Three Technologies Driving Improved Logistics

New software functionality can help ensure ease-of-use and simplified access to crucial supply chain data.

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Global Trade Magazine

The Modern 3PL: Why 2017 Calls for Radical Transparency

Business integrity and transparency have been making headlines in‭ ‬2017‭ ‬for a very good reason.‭ ‬Consumers today make the effort to do their research on companies and products before choosing to do business with them

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Journal of Commerce

Visibility can unlock supply chain potential

To maintain a high level of efficiency and unclog a congested supply chain, transportation professionals must act, and a modern logistics operation demands high levels of visibility.

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Inbound Logistics

Why Supply Chain Visibility Is Vital to Company Success

If you manage or help coordinate a logistics operation, you likely wear many hats throughout the workweek to keep things running smoothly.

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Transport Topics

Opinion: Transport Industry Needs a Data-Driven Culture

Transparency is a valuable and sought-after trait for all of today’s top industry players, especially now that things such as business integrity and proactive problem-solving sometimes are baseline requirements of today’s consumer.

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