Freight Procurement Solutions

Freight Procurement Solutions

Logistics Solutions that Empower Purchasing Teams to Control Costs and Improve Visibility

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics operations means achieving comprehensive control and visibility—without increasing your team’s workload.

Our freight procurement solutions deliver value-driven logistics solutions to help purchasing teams make the most cost-effective choices while unlocking new efficiencies. Our experienced team and quality technology in place help businesses solve their biggest supply chain challenges. Translogistics’ innovative systems and software give our clients full real-time insight and control over their operations. Our freight solutions embrace innovation and strive to improve your team’s work environment by reducing their workload. Our full-time logistics services can not only improve your operations but also bring real driven value to every aspect of your organization. Our freight procurement solutions empower supply chain organizations with the latest tracking, rate management, transport optimization, and billing services, providing your team the ultimate control. Improve your organization’s efficiency with our innovative solutions and a team of experts in your industry. We can guarantee that you and your team will be fully satisfied with our services.

With Translogistics, purchasing teams can:

  • Make the most cost-effective choices for raw materials by isolating freight costs from material costs.
  • Achieve complete control and visibility of your inbound vendor freight.
  • Take advantage of contracted rates to which only shippers typically have access.
  • Eliminate wasted time by automating the selection of the proper carrier.
  • Provide vendors with the proper documentation for each shipment, resulting in easier scheduling processes.
  • Easily search shipment information using internal PO numbers or job numbers.
  • Streamline processes, achieve complete vendor control, and eliminate the complexity of coordinating with inbound vendors.
  • Access active tracking data on inbound shipments.

Rely on Translogistics freight procurement solutions to provide you with the tools to effectively run your organization, so you can focus on growing your business. With years of experience in the logistics industry, our clients and their success has been our focus. Contact us today to learn more!