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At Translogistics, we view logistics as a strategic function, one that affects virtually every aspect of your business. By understanding your pressing challenges and working to solve them, we deliver logistics solutions that drive real value for every role in your organization.

our process

Our Process

Our process begins with getting to know your organization and its current logistics program. We then recommend tailored solutions that are suited to your needs, serving as a collaborative and strategic partner to your business.


Our Solutions

Our end-to-end logistics solutions and services extend from supplier to customer, and focus on providing you new levels of quality, visibility, control and insight into your logistics operations.


Our Technology

Our proprietary ViewPoint TMS has been built from the ground up to address the unique needs of our customers. The system ensures accurate and timely updates of all shipments, and yields powerful analyses to inform strategic decisions.

What is your point of view?

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  • C-level
  • Shipping
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Finance

Logistics Solutions that Empower Purchasing Teams to Control Costs and Improve Visibility

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics operations means achieving comprehensive control and visiblity—without increasing your team’s workload.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions to help purchasing teams make the most cost effective choices while unlocking new efficiencies.

With Translogistics, purchasing teams can:

  • Make the most cost effective choices for raw materials by isolating freight costs from material costs.
  • Achieve complete control and visibility of your inbound vendor freight.
  • Take advantage of contracted rates to which only shippers typically have access.
  • Eliminate wasted time by automating the selection of the proper carrier.
  • Provide vendors the proper documentation for each shipment, resulting in easier scheduling processes.
  • Easily search shipment information using internal PO numbers or job numbers.
  • Streamline processes, achieve complete vendor control, and eliminate the complexity of coordinating with inbound vendors.
  • Access active tracking data on inbound shipments.

quote purchasing

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Translogistics for several years now and I always know that my shipments are taken care of. Should an issue arise, I know it will be fixed. I also like the report I receive each morning, it’s a great help when checking on shipments!”

– Rae R.

Logistics Solutions that Integrate Your Departments and Transform Your Business

Treating logistics as the strategic function it is demands a cross-functional approach that integrates your departments and yields a wealth of useful data that can be used to enhance decisions.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions that unlock new efficiencies, empower and connect your departments, and provide the visibility necessary to make strategic use of logistics insights.

With Translogistics, executives can:

  • Gain visibility and control over the entire logistics process.
  • Help teams effectively communicate and seamlessly manage logistics.
  • Extend your business’s logistics expertise well beyond the bounds of your internal logistics department.
  • Extend your business’s internal customer service team by relying on our logistics experts.
  • Ensure that logistics spend is being expertly managed, controlled and contracted at all times.
  • Save 3-5 percent of total logistics spend through our audit processes.
  • Transform your logistics operations into a wealth of insights, with a host of KPIs that inform strategic decision making.

quote c-level

“I never would have thought to ask for all the tools and services that Translogistics has to offer.”

– Dave K.

Logistics Solutions that Transform the Efficiency of Shipping Management

Transforming the efficiency of shipping operations means more effectively managing carrier selections and relationships, improving shipment visibility, and accessing competitive pricing information up front.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions that enable you to optimize carrier selections and mitigate costs across all of your business-critical shipments.

With Translogistics, shipping teams can:

  • Access accurate, up to date pricing for multiple carriers, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Achieve unified tracking and  visibility for all shipments, regardless of carrier.
  • Support multiple shipping modes and compare options from one convenient interface.
  • Integrate meaningful carrier KPIs as part of your carrier selection strategy.
  • Rely on a highly capable Active Tracking Team for expanded support across all shipments.
  • Seamlessly manage carrier claims and settle them quickly, in under 30 days.



quote shipping

“TLI did a great job as a company with straightening out the mess that part of our division was in.”

– Mary Beth R.

Logistics Solutions that Empower Sales Teams to Perform

Empowering your sales team to perform means providing them accurate and competitive rates when it comes time to move the product to the customer.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions to help sales teams secure business.

With Translogistics, sales teams can:

  • Provide accurate shipping pricing at the time the quote is generated.
  • Automatically build in a profit margin at the time the quote is generated.
  • Actively track shipments and proactively address issues before they reach the customer.
  • Ensure you sales team can get the best carriers available to move your product.
  • Provide your team access to the right tools and support system to ensure correct commodity coding.

quote sales

“You Rock.”

– Danny S.

Logistics Solutions that Transform Customer Service into Your Competitive Advantage

Transforming customer service into your organization’s competitive advantage means empowering your customer service team with the tools and resources to offer real, immediate answers.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions to help you truly differentiate your organization from your competition.

With Translogistics, customer service teams can:

  • Tap into useful tools and resources to more effectively handle logistics issues.
  • Ensure the safe, on-time delivery of every product by optimizing the shipping process.
  • Accurately and competitively price shipments upfront.
  • Leverage the Translogistics team to extend your internal resources.
  • Rely on our customer service reps to proactively track and resolve issues.
  • Achieve intuitive, end-to-end visibility from the time of purchase to delivery.
  • Access important documentation using any reference number to quickly and effectively resolve customer inquiries.
  • Uncover patterns and processes to help target and inform service improvement initiatives.

quote service

“I had a lot of time critical shipments for a particular customer, and my CS rep not only helped me to plan and manage everything well, but also saved money for everyone!”

– Michelle D.

Logistics Solutions that Reduce Freight Spend and Facilitate Financial Efficiency

For the financial professional, it is critical to not only contain freight costs, but also ensure the accuracy of all references so that financial reporting is not delayed.

Translogistics delivers value-driven logistics solutions that help financial professionals streamline and improve freight programs so that freight costs are reduced and errors do not impede financial reporting.

With Translogistics, financial professionals can:

  • Reduce freight costs by ensuring least cost carrier choice.
  • Facilitate timely financial reporting by ensuring correct reference association and accurate carrier invoices.
  • Achieve comprehensive visibility of freight spend in one, unified place.
  • Monitor and enforce vendor compliance for GL/costing codes.
  • Easily segment and analyze freight spend by mode direction, cost per pound, cost per mile, or customer.
  • Ensure that carrier invoice issues are proactively resolved, without involving the customer.
  • Work more effectively and efficiently with internal purchasing and shipping teams.

quote finance

“Over half of our invoices (about 30) had incorrect GL codes. Thanks for Translogistics, we are down to about 3.”

– Greg Z.

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