Freight Auditing

Freight Audit Services

What’s in it for you?

Our freight audit services can lower your shipping costs, reduce your expenses, and provide you with better insight into your operation. Let’s be honest, carrier mistakes are made all the time, and many shipping invoices have errors. Translogistics audit services are designed to identify irregularities such as duplicate charges, incorrectly assessed tariff weight breaks, service level failures, and more. We will go through your carrier invoices with a fine-tooth comb to uncover billing errors. Translogistics has been auditing freight for over 26 years and we know that carrier mistakes happen all the time!

Contact us to kick-off your freight audit and realize the following benefits:

Shipping Costs

Our process begins with getting to know your organization and its current logistics program. We then recommend tailored solutions that are suited to your needs, serving as a collaborative and strategic partner to your business.

Reduce Your Administrative Expense

Reduce Your
Administrative Expense

Freight auditing is a time-intensive process requiring human input and expertise. Our team of experts know the industry inside and out, and will work hard to obtain the money you are owed.

Insight into Your Shipping Characteristics

Insight into Your
Shipping Characteristics

New perspectives on your transportation data enables you to make strategic changes and tweaks where necessary. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand, actionable way.

Why use us?

Carrier mistakes are challenging to identify and can be time consuming to deal with, not to mention, recover.
In light of this, almost all companies are overpaying their carriers.

Translogistics is uniquely qualified to identify errors including:
Invalid accessorial charges • Incorrect classifications • Duplicate charges
Incorrectly assessed tariffs • Service level failures

We get your money back!

How do we do it?

We examine every single line of your invoices from the past 6 months, looking for errors.
We then contact the carriers on your behalf to deliver savings and checks to your door.

In addition to our freight audit services, we further run your data through our Transportation Optimization Analysis to uncover additional cost savings opportunities. All this at no additional charge. In fact, we will find you money!

Stop paying carriers more than you agreed to!

Rely on Translogistics value-driven freight audit services to solve your business challenges and improve overall organizational efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

So what’s the price tag on this?

You keep 75% of the recovered funds, we keep 25% for doing the heavy lifting

It’s simple and it’s found money!

Not interested in freight auditing services?

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