Density Calculator

Density Calculator

Use this helpful calculator to calculate the density of your shipment.

LTL Shipments are rated using the NMFC classification guidelines. The classes of more and more shipments are being determined by the pounds per cubic foot, or density, of the product. Dimensional knowledge of your product is essential in estimating accurate shipping rates. These simple tools will allow you to determine the density of your shipment.

Pallatized Dimensions.

In cases where a shipment is palletized, the dimensions of the pallet determine the cubic dimensions. Although the original dimension of the carton remains the same, the cubic dimensions now include those of the pallet.


Length 48″, Width 40″, Height 28″ (22″ plus 6″ of Pallet) Equals 53,760 Cubic Inches (Length x Width x Height) or 31.1 Cubic Feet (Length x Width x Height/1728). The Density equals the weight 110 (80 Lbs. for the carton and approximately 30 lbs. for the pallet) divided by the dimension, 3.54 lbs. per cubic feet.

box dimension diagram

Unit of Measure Quantity Length Width Height Total Weight (Lbs.) Cubic Ft. Density LB./ Cubic Ft.
      Total Weight    
Total Cubic ft.  


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