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Our intuitive ViewPoint Transportation Management Software (TMS) is purpose-built to solve your specific logistics challenges.

Transportation Management Software

After more than 30 years of managing the logistics operations of businesses spanning various sizes and sectors, we know what it takes to make logistics work for you. That’s why we designed our ViewPoint TMS—a system with functionality that is driven by the real-life needs of our clients’ businesses. ViewPoint isn’t your average off-the-shelf transportation management software. It is uniquely optimized to satisfy your functional and strategic requirements. Our TMS system will improve your shipping efficiency, reduce your costs, gain you real-time supply chain visibility, and ensure your customer satisfaction. It serves both shippers and carriers as well as other logistics provider. Our ViewPoint system delivers real value to all aspects of your business.

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ViewPoint provides a proprietary internal system and process for ensuring accurate and timely updates of shipments through delivery, even in the absence of EDI automatic updates.

Document Imaging

The system automatically records important logistics documentation, enabling you to actively harvest and store all documents for 5 years.

Invoice Analysis

Comprehensive anaylsis tools provide full visibility to detailed and “scrubbed” shipment history, allowing users to make strong, informed business decisions.

Rating & Scheduling

ViewPoint’s intuitive scheduling module with quick rating capabilities allows users to easily and quickly get rates and schedule shipments based on managed carrier contract rates.

Reporting Metrics

The system delivers a host of meaningful reports, including an Invoice Recovery Report, Carrier Performance Report, Least Cost Provider Report, Cost Containment Report, Distribution Optimization Report and Vendor Non-Compliant Report.



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